Friday, January 29, 2010

Study and Practice Buddhism

Why we want to study Buddhism? Not  just to discover something a la mode among educated people or consider as a new discipline we want to follow for our intellectual curiosity. Study regularly.  We will understand the practical value of the Way.  We will have the true and long lasting happiness.  Our happiness depends on the happiness of other people.  Practice loving kindness and loving compassion.  First it is a little award and difficult but do it daily a few good actions a day - gradually we get the good habits to be kind and nice.  Sharing is a tradition of the ordinary practioner.  We share the merits with everybody.  Good investment for our spititual capital.  Buddha taught that ethical behaviour.
We cannot study Buddhism without talking about Meditation.  We need to practice contemplation to discover our own-self.  It is easy to comment on other people but we do not know ourself.  Meditation helps us to see what is real.  We learn to be mindful.  The awareness help us to develop concentration.  The resultant will be wisdom. 
The final step will be DEVOTION .   It is not superstition.  This is the intelligent FAITH- keeps us on right direction of the WAY .


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